Let's go to the Red Planet

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We are on a mission to create sustainable, peak performance nutrition ready for Mars colonization.

Mission 1: Improve cognitive performance with BrainXP nootropic supplement designed to support your brain activity and health.


Review research from the best experts in the world and put this knowledge into practice. Check out our Science section for articles, videos, and experiments.


Raise awareness about the importance of sustainable food for Earth (and Mars). Join our campaign #FastForEarth in 2017 to show your support.

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Nutrition for the 21st century

Step by step, we are going to reach the Red Planet, Mars. Advances in technology push humanity forward further and faster than ever before.

At Red Planet Nutrition we create sustainable, peak performance nutrition ready for Mars colonization.

It is a complex, multi-mission process, which requires all of us to participate. Join the mission!

Mission 1: Get smarter

In the 21st century we are constantly under pressure to be mentally sharp.

We compete for jobs and in eSports arenas. We take tests and try to impress people with knowledge and intelligence.

Our nootropic supplement, BrainXP, was designed to help you learn faster and work smarter by providing your brain with the right nutrients.

Your mission starts now.

Dr Bart Baranowski
Red Planet Nutrition Founder


  • sustainable nutrition
  • mental performance
  • energy maintenance
  • weight control

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