Weekday vegetarian flexitarian

Great conversation opener: ‘I’m a weekday vegetarian flexitarian’. ‘A what?’ Try that, see what response you’ll get. And even better, actually become a weekday vegetarian flexitarian. I think the concept of a weekday vegetarian is easy enough to understand, you’re a vegetarian Monday to Friday, and a carnivore on weekends. ‘Flexitarian’ can be more confusing, cause[…]

Producing sustainable food with aquaponics

Food production is not sustainable (1). Agriculture uses 38% of the world’s total land area and is responsible for 70% of global freshwater consumption. This has prompted some commentators to argue that in order to promote sustainability we need to change how we behave. Other experts are more focused on technological innovations, such as aquaponics.[…]

Food scarcity is set to worsen, but here’s what we can do about it

The global population is set to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, with most of the growth taking place in developing countries (1). The United States Department of Agriculture says the number of hungry (‘food insecure’) people in sub-Saharan Africa will rise by a third (2). In order to tackle the issue of food scarcity, the FAO claims[…]

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