This group wants to grow not only food on Mars, but cannabis as well

The Mars Farm Odyssey is an international consortium of like minds (1). They are trying to find solutions to space farming, so that food can be grown on Mars. The alternative is shipping food to Mars, which is just not sustainable – it would cost nearly $1bn a year per person. The amount of resources[…]

Sustainability is key to space exploration and life on Mars

SpaceX has argued that reusability is the key to making human life inter-planetary (1). Having rockets that are fully and rapidly reusable will not only save costs in terms of space exploration, but it will make the endeavour all the more sustainable. On 21 December 2015, SpaceX achieved the biggest cost reduction in space flight history (2).[…]

Vegetables in space

If you’re going to be in space for an extended period of time, there’s one thing you won’t take for granted: fresh food. Growing food in microgravity is an obvious hassle, but thanks to NASA’s veg-01 experiment, that could change due to the study in orbit of a plant growth facility called Veggie. Developed by[…]

Mars 500 mission

Mars 500 mission is a very interesting experiment worth talking about. Six men, 520 days in ‘space’ (on the ground in Moscow), locked in a ‘spacecraft’ (a set of modules to mimic a spacecraft). All of this to simulate a manned mission to the red planet.     Mars 500 mission is a psychosocial isolation[…]

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