The ethics of using smart drugs to boost performance

Using smart drugs to boost performance is not without its ethical issues. While some may claim that it’s cheating to take a substance to outcompete others, others will say that there’s actually a moral imperative to do so in some professions; say, in biomedical research or space exploration, where peak performance can benefit humanity in[…]

Choosing a smart drug: LSD vs. modafinil

An article in The Guardian claimed that modafinil (marketed as Provigil) is the world’s safest smart drug (1). A systematic review published in European Neuropsychopharmacology found that modafinil does in fact enhance cognition, and it is safe in the short-term, with few side-effects and no addictive properties (2). This drug – available on the NHS as a[…]

Nootropics to improve brain performance

What are nootropics? We work in mentally competitive environment, under constant pressure to multi-task, problem-solve and increase our productivity. Our brains became our most valuable assets. Students, professionals, and older adults all want to stay sharp to have advantage over others. Are compounds sold as brain boosters and cognition enhancers worth your time? Learn more[…]

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